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Shih Li Machine & Hardware Co., Ltd. has had a proud history since its inception in 1975. During the past three decades, we have established close and long-standing relationships with our customers and suppliers. Our reputation has received strong recognition in the international and local markets. Through decades of expansion and advances in technology, we possess a comprehensive research & development capability and substantial production scale. Shih Li is proud to rank among the leading in fraternity.

Since the new branch in Guangdong was formed in May 1997, strong new team increase on manufacture for cost-down have been implemented in Shih Li and the management team is empowered to run the business with the competitive support. With these changes, Shih Li is no longer a local business in Taiwan but is operated as an internationally-minded company.

My colleagues and I are full of enthusiasm and confidence in our future. We are committed to building Shih Li into a leading in fraternity provider which is close to its customers, innovative, proactive and result-driven and aggressive in competition.

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General manager 

Cheng Hsing Wang

Services: awning ,window,injection,component



Service Zone:North of TWN, Mid of TWN, HK & Macao, China, North America, Europe